Cellular Resonance Quantum Healing

Discover Inner Harmony with Energy Healing.

Has you heart been broken and the heaviness of your grief stops you from enjoying your life ?

Does life seem difficult and you experience feelings of anxiety and fear ?

Hi, my name is Eliska, Im an Energy Healing practitioner based in Prague and Im here to help you on your journey to the version of you that is healed from the pain of your past.

Just imagine those morning when you open your eyes and you are excited for the day ahead.

The burden that has been sitting on your chest making it hard to breathe is gone and you can take in the deep joyful breaths of life.

Life can have its challenges but you don't have to face them on your own.

Are you ready to reach out for help and live the life you deserve to live ?

Glowing, smiling and thriving ?

At my practice I offer a unique and transformative approach to your wellbeing through Cellular Resonance Quantum Healing Therapy Ive learned from the founder of the method. Dr. Douglas Lehrer

Using the principles of quantum physics and the body's innate ability to heal itself, this therapy approach focuses on restoring harmony and balance to your cellular structure.

By harnessing the power of resonance, we facilitate the ✔️ release of energetic blockages, allowing your body to return to its natural state of health and vitality.

Individual sessions are tailored to your individual needs, addressing physical ailments, emotional imbalances, and spiritual disconnection.

Whether you're seeking ✔️ relief from chronic pain, stress reduction, or simply a deeper connection to your true self, Cellular Resonance Quantum Healing Therapy can help you achieve your wellness goals.

I create ✔️ a safe and supportive environment for your healing journey.

Experience the transformative power of Cellular Resonance Quantum Healing Therapy and awaken your body's innate ability to heal. 

"In CRQH, our role isn't to cure or heal directly; rather, we focus on identifying and resolving the underlying causes of our client's physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions —be it trauma, suppressed emotions, familial lineage issues, epigenetic factors, karmic stress, or other wounds. 
Our approach aims to update the brain and nervous system's stuck survival mechanisms, thereby activating the client's natural self-healing capabilities. 
Over the past 38 years, this methodology has shown remarkable success in addressing a wide array of acute and chronic challenges, supporting individuals on their transformative and evolutionary healing journey."   Dr. Douglas Lehrer

💙 Satisfaction Guaranteed 

I'm confident in the transformative power of energy healing sessions. 

If you're not completely satisfied with your experience, 

you don't pay anything, no questions asked.

Contact me today to schedule your session and take the first step 

towards a healthier, happier you!

Price for a 90 minutes session is 2 000 Kč

+ 420 608 838 545