Hi, my name is Eliška and I'm a

🔹 Certified LEVEL 2 Wim Hof Method instructor

🔹  Fitness / Yoga instructor

🔹  Energy healer CRQH Practitioner LEVEL 2

And overall all health and spirituality passionate person.

Breathwork, meditations, cold exposure, movement and clean eating are my lifestyle.

🧘🏼‍♀️ Calm happy mind and healthy body became my normal.

But it hasn't always been like that.

I know how it feels to be waking up anxious.

Addicted to sleeping pills.

Suffer from an eating disorder.

Have a terrible acne and messed up hormones to the point where I had no menstrual cycle for 3 years.

I know how it feels to hate myself and be open to toxic relationships.

Because I was toxic to myself.

My mind was toxic.

❌ But I said NO one day. NO to toxicity and YES to sustainable happiness.

Sustainable to me means that I depend on external element to make changes but I go and do it myself with techniques that are easily applied to my daily life.

I educate myself on these topics constantly.

Joined many courses and retreats to first be a student (which I still am and always will be)

My passion to help others is what leads me to be here for you as I genuinely wish everyone to live a happy healthy life and I know there always is a way out of our diseases and depressions once we decide we want it to end.

I'm here to guide you and offer a different perspective.

🤝 I'm here to help you stay consistent on your new path as that might be challenging.

🦋 But nothing ever changes until you do.

Are you ready for your life changes?

I am 🤩

Let's go 😎

REFERENCE    Nikola Samková 19.8. 2022 

"Kurz s Eliškou byl naprosto úžasný. 

V životě bych si dříve dobrovolně nelehala do ledové vody, to pro mě bylo nepředstavitelné, miluji teplo. Ale Eliška mi ukázala, jak ovládat dýchání a svou mysl a zvládnout se ponořit do ledové vody. Bylo to úžasné a panovala fajn přátelská atmosféra :-).